Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yarn Diet

First off, 'sorry I haven't posted any pics of late. DH has my camera charger/dock in his car at his office and is out of the country. So, pics will have to wait until he comes back from Canada.

I am officially on a yarn diet. I have been adopting poor, homeless skeins/hanks in order to give them a loving home. The problem you ask? They are taking up all available space in my bitty apartment. And with the added financial strain of selling our house and all of the additional expenses right now - it's time to dig through my stash and knit up projects (and finish them) from what I've already got. I can no longer justify buying more yarn... As DH reminds me, electricity, food, and shelter are a tad more important. So, I will seize this opportunity to FINISH current projects and to do some major stash-busting.

I will be posting pics of my stash-busting efforts soon... Time to get my knit on!



  1. HA! I'm in the same shoes as you. My beads are overflowing and it's driving me nuts coz I don't have anywhere else to put them. Such a mess I tell you! :) Let me know how you tackled this so I can get some cool tips on how to tackle mine! lol!

    A SITStah

  2. I'm so jealous of your knitting "Foo"! I have some alpaca yarn that I bought to make something for my miniatures and it's the SOFTEST yarn I've ever touched! I wish I had your talents in knitting so that I could make something from it!

  3. It's talent, really.. it's a testament to REALLY patient knitting instructors!! :) Taking a class really helped me! I know - alpaca IS addictively soft. That's what I'm knitting my socks out of right now!

  4. Hi, Knit purl gurl! Noticed your comment on SITS and decided to stop by to say hello! Cute blog, you knitting queen. :->


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