Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OMG!! I almost forgot about knitting group!!

Happy, happy.. joy, joy!! Today is knitting with Knit One!!! I have been so distracted and super busy, that I forgot that Wednesday was upon us!!!

There is bad news - I have to cancel the crochet class and the Felted Entrelac Bag KAL for this weekend because hubby is going to Toronto for a trade show (now that he's a big muckity-muck, he has a lot of presentations he has to give) and won't be home in time for my class. :(

But I get to knit today! I get 2 hours of knitting enjoyment and yummy yarn goodness this afternoon! I think I will take my Thanksgiving dishcloths with me to work on today. I really should finish them before Thanksgiving! I'll post my progress pics and a pic of my Olive Namaste Bag tonight!

Knit on!



  1. Have a good time! There are no knitting groups where I am and I wish there were.

  2. Have a good time! There are no knitting groups where I am, I so wish there were.

  3. You should start your own group!! You can organize on Happy knitting - stop back again soon!


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