Saturday, November 22, 2008

Entrelac Market Squares Bag

Knit One North is hosting a felted Entrelac Market Squares bag KAL.. for some unknown reason, I am attempting this bag. I've never successfully felted a project and I've NEVER knit entrelac before. With the help of uber-patient Ms. Connie, the wonder knitter, I was able to get the bag band completed and the base triangles knit. I didn't get to ask her for help with the next step - so I'm at a loss. I tried (unsuccessfully) to figure it our on my own - but like with so many other knitting techniques, I need to see someone do it. Reading about the technique just doesn't do it for me. I need to see it and do it before I understand it. I'm written-instructions challenged!

I'll post some pics once I figure out how to get past the base triangles.



  1. I am a Show Me Girl too. I can read instructions til I'm blue in the face but if I see it once I can do it forever w/o further problems. Thanks for stopping by my big day at SITS. I hope you'll visit again sometime soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  2. Don't let her fool you! Her bag is beautiful and she brings the best baked goods ever with her!

  3. What a cute, crafty blog you have! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello on my SITS day:)


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