Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Re-Joining WW

Okay, there comes a point when you stop feeling fat and sassy and just feel fat. I am 54 pounds overweight and I cannot take it anymore! I need to overhaul my eating and exercise habits and I need to do it now! I'm not doing my family any favors by being overweight. I need to lose the weight so that I can be healthy. With heart disease, cancer, and diabetes running rampant in my family, it's not only a good idea to lose the weight, it's essential! Plus - think of all the knitting I'll get done if I pick up the needles every time I want to snack! Here goes.. deep breath: DAY 1

Most of my poor eating habits have stemmed from two main issues: 1.) The constant stress of having a special needs child. Those without special needs children will never understand how heartbreaking, stressful, and exhausting it is to live special needs 24/7. (Of course, with the tremendous challenges we face, come great rewards and an exceptional child whom we love more than life itself!) I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, or any other self-destructive, self-medicating behaviors. EXCEPT eating. I can't explain it, but Twinkies are soothing when you can't verbally vent your frustration and you don't want to hurt anyone. So I eat, feel better, and don't hurt other people. -Especially my son. I can't tell him how hard it is to be his mommy. That would be unnecessary and cruel. He doesn't need to hear it. His life is tough enough without dealing with my problems. -AND- 2.) The vigors of being a mom, wife, and until recently, fulltime employee. It was cheaper and easier to throw prepackaged foods into the oven and serve. Now that I am a SAHM, I have found that I enjoy cooking and preparing dinners from scratch -so that won't be an obstacle anymore. However, it is STILL cheaper to buy unhealthy foods than healthier ones. Drat! So, time for more constructive ways to vent. I have joined 2 knitting groups. I have vowed to pick up the needles every time I am frustrated or upset. And I have vowed to put DOWN the Twinkies.

Oh and I just have to say what a terrific, supportive hubby I have. When I told him I wanted to re-join WW and start on an exercise program, the first thing he said is, "Don't do it for me. I think you're beautiful just how you are." Of course he's a bit biased - but God do I love him for it!



  1. Congrats for taking that first step! I have done WW on and off for the last five years. It is the healthiest way to go. You are doing an outstanding job raising your family and most would be 100 pounds over weight trying to do what you do. Go for it and if you need any support, you know where to find me. You Go Girl!

  2. Counting points is a bit tedious, but it certainly works! I have about the same to lose, though Aussies get to call it 25 kilos instead of 54 pounds. Sounds less!

    You can knit while walking on a treadmill, I've found Ü

    Good luck with it all, and tell your hubby that all your internet pals think he's wonderful. hehe.

    Maybe we should both knit something that's too small, as an incentive... lol.


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