Saturday, October 25, 2008

One Sock Down..

Okay, I have finished my first sock!! I had a bit of trouble with the Kitchener Stitch at the very end, but figured it out with the help of the KH Forums... It fits absolutely perfectly (the allure of knitting your own socks) and feels terrific! I can officially say that I am 50% done with KPG's Camo Socks!! I have CO the 2nd sock right away so that I don't wimp out and not knit it. Here are the pics! I think I will try to knit from the toe up for the next pair because I'd like to see the toe shaping for a toe up sock vs. the cuff down sock. Even my hubby said that it was so cool that I actually knit my own sock. If he hadn't seen me knit the sock himself, he'd never believe it! Be sure to catch the flouncy-flouncy action at the top of the sock! OH - and FYI: my foot is arched funny and to the side so this pic makes me look like I have half the toes!


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  1. I had trouble with kitchener stitch on my first sock, too. It's a bit loose, and has a little hole, but I leave it there because Byron,my 17-month old, likes to poke it. (and it reminds me which one was my first sock. lol)


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