Monday, October 6, 2008

One Shawl Down.. Two More to Go

I finished my Magic Ball Halloween Shawl in the car on the way home to Ohio Friday night. I couldn't wait to get back to PA so that I could take a pic of it and post it on my blog. I'm sure my neighbors thought I was insane - Picture this: Woman in flannel jammies, standing on her balcony taking pics of a crazy looking knitted piece in various positions on every piece of available patio furniture. It wasn't until I looked over that I noticed that my neighbor(s) were out on their balconies enjoying coffee while I was fussing with this shawl; trying to make sure my 3 yo didn't leap off the balcony (she climbs up our adirondack chairs which sit against the posts and spindles); shooing my curious puggle away; and trying to find the right light setting for my camera. It must have been a sight to see. BTW - I purposely left this shawl unblocked. I don't think that it would've blocked well and the stretchy, gauziness of this shawl combined with the multiple fibers is in line with the Bohemian feel of the project.

I am still finishing up Ms. Maddie's Magic Princess Shawl and the SS wool shawl. I'm really dissatisfied with the plainness of the SS shawl.. I may frog and try a different pattern. The variegated colorway screams to be showcased without being overpowered by a complex pattern - but I'm not loving the SS pattern at all. It just seems boring.

I got my Stampin' Up! shipment on Friday.. I had to wait ALL weekend to get back home and tear into it! I got:

Thoroughly Thankful Stamp Set
Craft Stampin' Pads Earth Elements
Buttons Earth Elements
Stampin' Embossing Powder Gold

I hope I get to make some handmade Thanksgiving cards with these!! Since we will not be traveling home for Thanksgiving, I'd like to send something special and handmade to the families.

Oh - and just for a bit of fun.. Check out the Stringativity blog.. this ingenius knitter, following in the footsteps of one Ms. Pearl-McPhee, actually got Barack Obama to hold up her sock-in-progress for a couple of pics! AWESOME!



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