Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Knitting with Knit One North!!

So I finally got to get over to Knit One North to join in on the Wednesday afternoon knitting group and OMG was it ever fun! Typically, my weekly calendar is a blur of non-stop activity. Between my obligations as mommy/chauffeur, volunteer for the kids' schools, and cleaner of dirty laundry - I don't have much time to do anything during the day. If I want to knit or craft, it has to be after DH gets home. But DH has a very stressful and demanding job - so I usually put my knitting groups on the back burner (and rightfully so). But, Knit One North now has an afternoon knitting group on Wednesdays - and since DD has preschool Monday and Wednesday afternoons, this works out beautifully! I got to engage in actual adult conversation about more than special education and volunteer work. I got to talk about OTHER mommy things. I got to spend time with other mommies. We had a good time and I just can't say enough about how much I love Knit One!

There was only one drawback - Dr. Stacey took my picture (possibly for the Knit One newsletter) ! I HATE having my picture taken. And 98% of all pictures of me are completely hideous. But I was knitting a simple garter stitch shawl with the Magic Ball yarn (in Halloween colorway) that I had purchased from the shop maybe a month ago. It really looked like candy corn as I was knitting it up. I'm terribly disappointed however because 2 ends of fiber in the Magic Ball split in the middle of my knitting and I had to unravel my shawl so that I can start over WITHOUT holes popping up in the middle of my shawl. (Pictures to come as soon as I re-start it.)

The shop is wonderful and so is the staff.. if you're ever in the Mars area, please stop in and support their shop! I can't wait for knitting group next Wednesday afternoon!



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