Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Itchin' to start new projects!!

Have you ever been inspired to start new projects after browsing through Ravelry and seeing the awesome patterns associated with the yarns in your stash? I am! But, I have a pumpkin I need to finish; socks; a shawl... I need to cast on the Knitting Meets Crochet scarf for my the KAL they are doing at Knit One. I would also love to cast on the Noble Cowl pattern. I now have enough sock yarn to keep me quite busy all winter. ARGH! Must focus on finishing projects. I NEED to get this sock done this week. I'd like to CO the other sock right away so that I don't forget how to make the socks and also so that I actually have a pair. I need to finish the shawl for my grammie. I need to finish up my pumpkin before Halloween. Okay, I think I need to join 'ADD Knitters Anonymous.' Anyone with me?

I went ahead and CO Knitting Meets Crochet so that I could participate with the KAL. It is knitting up pretty well and really fast. Here's a pic of about 24 rows of the scarf. The Noro Silk Garden is a pleasure to knit with and feels kinds soft and squishy. The knitting part of the scarf pattern is so pretty (it doesn't photograph well - but there is some lacework with ribbing), I'm starting to think I'll wimp out with the crochet edging. We'll see once the scarf is complete.



  1. Hello, my name is Tam, and I have Knitting Attention Defecit Disorder. Ü

    I am being strict with myself at the moment, and finishing the two little tops that are WIPs on Ravelry. But I think I add projects to the Queue every day!!

    You should try the crochet edge. I don't know how to do it, but they say it's easy. And if it's not... oh, well; you'll be more proud of yourself for doing it Ü

  2. I'll try it... infact, I'm going to take a crochet class in November. The crochet edging for this scarf is very flouncy looking and I'm not a flouncy gal.. but I'll give it a whir. I can always rip it out if I don't like it. :)


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