Friday, October 3, 2008

Halloween Shawl / Stash Buster

Here is the Magic Ball Halloween Shawl I am working on. I'll have used 2 hanks of Be Sweet Magic Ball when it is complete. It's really hard to see the shape here because I worked the shawl on straights (couldn't find US size 19 in circs), so I can't show you how wide it actually is. In the last picture you can see the bobbles that are a part of one of the fibers in the hank. I like that this project turns out looking like a controlled mess. There are bobbles hanging off asymmetrically in the shawl. I hated knitting the ribbon part - the stitch definition is not good, especially since I choose to knit with such large needles (or 'telephone poles' as Celeste put it). ;P I do really like this yarn however. But if you need complete control over symmetry and you have a need for all of your stitches to look exactly the same and even - then this is NOT the yarn for you. It's kind of a bohemian effect.

This got us all thinking at Wednesday afternoon knitting group - why couldn't one just create their own magic balls using stash? We all have bits of yarn left over from projects that we save but cannot make a complete project out of. Why not create a magic ball with our leftovers? Really a magic ball is just a bunch of different, coordinating, fibers that are actually tied together. How easy is that? What a great yarn swap that would be! Everyone creates their own magic ball and swaps with someone else. Of course, you'd need to make enough for a small project (200 yds or thereabouts). But what a cute, stash-busting idea. OR, it would be fun to have a group get together and bring all of their left over yarns and sit for an entire afternoon creating different magic balls! How fun! Oh, the wheels are a-turning..



  1. The colors do make me think of corn and pumpkin and chocolate...

    We don't have Halloween in Australia. The only reason I remember it at all is because it's the same day as Gran's birthday!

    Glad your grandma's home again. It's always better to sleep in your own bed (who likes hospital?) and eat your own food. Hope and pray that there's no spread and that all goes well.

    Noone should have wretched cancer, particularly older folks, who deserve a whole lot of nice restful years to spoil their granddaughters Ü.

  2. Lovely!!! THe colors are stunning. Nice job.



  3. Great job..! Your Halloween shawl is looking fabulous. Keep on the good work.


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