Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feeling the time crunch

Okay - so I haven't found my big red "S," but I feel like I need another 12 hours in every day. SAHMs have no more free time than working moms! I feel no more relaxed or like I have any more free time than I did 6 months ago when I was teaching. DH came home last night and begged for clean undies! I have finally taken to organizing my day on Google Calendar. (I keep personal appointments private so the public can really only view my knitting classes.) When I look at it daily, I am amazed at how booked my life really is. I was gone all day Monday running errands and shuttling the munchkin to preschool and back. Monday is library day for us. Oh - and in all of the rush, I forgot the knitting guild mtg. I am a member now and have still to make it to mtg! Yesterday, I missed the MOMS club mtg. in favor of straightening up the apartment a bit before heading off to the Autism Resource Center for the day. Today, the munchkin has dance this morning, then a QUICK lunch (we have about 20 minutes to find and eat lunch and drive to next activity), and then preschool. I'm supossed to have my hair done this afternoon while munchkin is in preschool - but my socks class is on Saturday and I have had NO time to do my homework - so I will likely reschedule my appointment in favor of knitting at KnitOne for an hour and a half before picking the munchkin back up. Then I have to rush home, pick up the teenager and go grocery shopping (we have NOTHING in the fridge or cupboards!). Tomorrow, I have a mtg. with the advocate in the morning and an IEP mtg. in the afternoon. Friday is my day to clean, clean, clean the apartment!! Saturday I have knitting class and it's Sweetest Day! And Sunday my parents are coming to take me to dinner for my birthday! So please, God - can I have 12 more hours every day? ;P



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