Monday, October 13, 2008

Feeling the need to ORGANIZE

OMG - I'm actually feeling the need to organize my knitting needles, notions, yarn, and crochet hooks! I know, I know.. it's like Bizarro-World from Seinfeld. But to be honest, all of my scrapbooking is organized in big plastic drawers: paper, cardstock, embellishments, inks and chalks, pens and markers.. My digiscrapping is organized in files by designer (so I know who to give credit to) and then in a Digital Scrapbooking File. My general crafts are organized on a 6 shelf system: decoupage and adhesives; die cutter machines, paper cutters, and die cuts; buttons, bobbles, and various embellishments; et cetera.. I have so much stuff to keep organized. Even my sewing desk is organized. So why have I not taken the time to organize my knitting? Who knows? But I seem to have bags and baskets, needles and notions all OVER the place and shoved in every crevice.
So I took the first step toward getting organized: I bought 20 zipper pencil cases (I got them for $0.20/each) and a paint pen. I wrote on the back of each case the needle size in US and mm and then put my circs in the correct pouch. I wish I had bought more cases. I had just enough for my circ. needle collection, but now need some for DPNs (which I may just give away since I've discovered the joys of ML), crochet hooks, cables for my interchangeable needles, cable needles, and notions. I bought a heavy-duty 4" binder and will place all of my zipper cases in it. I also just bought a 2" binder, tabs, and page protectors for my patterns and a 1 1/2" binder for my notions. (I had a pattern binder but for the life of me cannot find it - no big surprise there.)
I have a very functional rectangular basket for my straight needles. Now I just need to figure out a better way to store all of my yarn. So far, I buy the cheapy zipper storage bags (generic ZipLock bags) in all different sizes and store my yarn in baggies. I put all of the skeins of yarn from the same dye lot in the same zipper bag. This way, I can gauge if I have enough of one yarn to complete a project or not. I also put my entire project in a ziplock bag and write on the front of the bag the date I started the project, the yarn I am using (including the colorway, dye lot), the needles I am using, and the pattern name. I also place the label of the yarn in the bag so I have the washing and sometimes blocking information. However, these bags have overtaken my bitty apartment. They are under the bed, in the closet, in my night stand, my knitting bags, a canvas storage box, and huge basket, and a rolling suitcase. There has to be a better way. I may actually start using the 'Stash' feature on Ravelry so that I am able to put yarn away and NOT forget that I have it. (Been there, done that - and have too much yarn because of it.)
This is my mission this week. Get organized so I can enjoy a winter of care-free knitting. My husband thinks I'm such a geek.. and he's right. I'm a total knitting geek, but I love every minute of it!

'Went to Office Max and bought up the rest of the CLEARANCE zipper pouches!! I have finished organizing my needles, notions, and patterns. The white binder has my circs in it; the pink binder my notions, crochet hooks, cable needles, and DPNs; and the black binder has all of my patterns and instructions booklets for various needle art items. I will have to tackle the yarn tomorrow.. :)



  1. OMG! I literally got exhausted reading that post. How do you keep up your energy? I am lucky if the project I am working on makes it back into office/junk room where I keep all my knitting stuffed all together in two large tote bags. Usually it stays on the end table or in the chair where I knit until the cat comes along and moves it. You are amazing. I am inspired but that means I have to actually work and I don't like that so much! Thanks for the neddle advice too, you are awesome!

  2. Thanks - that's so sweet of you to say :)

  3. Now that's a good idea for needles. Mine are all in one bag (as well as the ones in various project bags). Always hard to find what I'm looking for, though.

    I've recently organized my little wool stash. It's fun. But you get a bit overwhelmed by all the projects you suddenly want to start! LOL.

  4. That's so true.. Everytime I find new (old) yarn, I want to start another project!! How did you organize your wool? I need some suggestions.


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