Thursday, October 30, 2008


I do think blogging is becoming addictive. When I was in HS, I used to journal nonstop. It was a great way to rant and vent or just express my thoughts. This is basically the same thing - only some people read your thoughts. I wish Blogger had an option of having one blog page and adding different pages for different themes. But alas, they do not.

So, in addition to my knitting/crafting blog and my digiscrapping blog, I have started a mommy blog. I used to have an Aspie blog, but DS was uncomfortable with the entire blog being about him. So now I just have a mommy blog. I may move some of my general crafting to that blog because my knitting blog is getting really crowded. I may end up finding a blog application that allows a singular blog with multiple pages and move everything. But for now.. be sure to check out Mommatudes, my new mommy blog.


Monday, October 27, 2008

I WILL conquer Toe-Up socks!

Okay, I have been bitten by the sock bug. They told me it would happen. They told me that once you finish a sock, the floodgates will open, sock yarn will occupy your thoughts, your checkbook register, and your closet. They told me that I wouldn't be able to walk past a hand-painted yarn without fantasizing about the gorgeous socks it would make while fondling the fabulous fiber. And you know what - they were right! However, they didn't tell me that knitting toe-up socks would cause a migraine-like sensation in those unfamiliar with the likes of Turkish Cast-On, Magic Cast-On, Figure 8 Cast-On, or any number of provisional cast-ons useful for toe-up sock creation. As I finally did figure out all of these cast-ons, I realized that they ask you to knit ML in the opposite way I was taught to knit ML. So while I reconcile this anomaly, I will go about my happy way of knitting cuff-down. I would also like to learn two socks at a time (toe-up) on ML.

Toe-up socks, you will be mine.. oh yes, you will be mine! Knit on, dumplings!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

One Sock Down..

Okay, I have finished my first sock!! I had a bit of trouble with the Kitchener Stitch at the very end, but figured it out with the help of the KH Forums... It fits absolutely perfectly (the allure of knitting your own socks) and feels terrific! I can officially say that I am 50% done with KPG's Camo Socks!! I have CO the 2nd sock right away so that I don't wimp out and not knit it. Here are the pics! I think I will try to knit from the toe up for the next pair because I'd like to see the toe shaping for a toe up sock vs. the cuff down sock. Even my hubby said that it was so cool that I actually knit my own sock. If he hadn't seen me knit the sock himself, he'd never believe it! Be sure to catch the flouncy-flouncy action at the top of the sock! OH - and FYI: my foot is arched funny and to the side so this pic makes me look like I have half the toes!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Once upon a time when I took a really interesting 'Psychology of the Adult Learner' class for my Allied Health Educator major, my prof insisted that the adult learner has a need to focus on 3 core ideas about their learning process: the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you can get an adult learner to move past the ugly, analyze the bad, and recognize the good then you've connected with them and will likely yield good results. And honestly, I found that simple philosophy to be dead on.

As an adult, I consider myself a lifetime learner. A learner of nearly everything and anything that comes my way in my lifetime. I strive to keep an open mind and fill it with various things, even if they are trivial pieces of information. When you stop learning, you stop living. When you close yourself off from learning from others, you cease to be productive and influential. Now I do not profess to be either productive or influential - but I do learn each and every day.

So what does this have to do with knitting? In knitting we are always learning. We are always striving to produce our best product. Sometimes we can only see the ugly. Sometimes we fail to analyze the bad. Oftentimes, we completely neglect to look at the good. As a knitting newbie, I have frogged more items than I care to even think about. I almost gave up knitting because I felt that I couldn't devote the time and energy toward improving. I felt like a failure each time I'd show up to a stitch and bitch with a scarf or dishcloth to knit. As I'd eye everyone's gorgeous, complicated stitches in equally gorgeous and complicated projects, I'd think to myself: just put the scarf in your bag and walk away, no one gets hurt.

Recently, when I started my group on Ravelry, Moving Beyond Rectangles, a poster reminded me of how helpless you feel when your knitting skill set is small. And how horrible you feel the first time you reach for your needles and yarn from a chain store only to have more experienced knitters balk at your supplies. And I got to thinking.. those knitting snobs have closed themselves off. They aren't good teachers. They don't want to help the new knitter. And they certainly have not used The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly philosophy.

And WHY am I rambling on about this you may ask? Because knitting is such a source of therapy, escape, release, artistic expression, and most importantly (IMHO) - community. At least that's what knitting has meant to me. When I am in tears and feel raw from a bad day of meltdowns, anxiety, and arguing from DS - I make time to hang out with my yarnies and get in some knitting therapy. It provides therapy and escape. It's a release from all of the tension I cannot release at home. It provides me with an artistic expression and the gratification of knowing that I actually created something of use. I created something with my own hands. And it provides me with the means to socialize. To laugh. To gossip. To just be a knitter for a few hours. And when I think about all it does for me, I know that those newbies out there with limited experience in yarns and needles or the lack of funds to purchase more pricey yarns and needles don't need to be turned away - they need all that knitting has to offer too. And it's my job to pass on whatever limited knowledge I have.

We are all adult learners in something.. we all need help from time to time. We are all teachers of something. What would you like to be known for teaching others? Intolerance? Patience? Self-assurance? Self loathing? Today while you are going about your usual tasks, think carefully about all of the times you had the opportunity to teach with your actions as well as your words. Whether it is an attribute or something tangible. Life is made up of all of these. Life IS the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Re-Joining WW

Okay, there comes a point when you stop feeling fat and sassy and just feel fat. I am 54 pounds overweight and I cannot take it anymore! I need to overhaul my eating and exercise habits and I need to do it now! I'm not doing my family any favors by being overweight. I need to lose the weight so that I can be healthy. With heart disease, cancer, and diabetes running rampant in my family, it's not only a good idea to lose the weight, it's essential! Plus - think of all the knitting I'll get done if I pick up the needles every time I want to snack! Here goes.. deep breath: DAY 1

Most of my poor eating habits have stemmed from two main issues: 1.) The constant stress of having a special needs child. Those without special needs children will never understand how heartbreaking, stressful, and exhausting it is to live special needs 24/7. (Of course, with the tremendous challenges we face, come great rewards and an exceptional child whom we love more than life itself!) I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, or any other self-destructive, self-medicating behaviors. EXCEPT eating. I can't explain it, but Twinkies are soothing when you can't verbally vent your frustration and you don't want to hurt anyone. So I eat, feel better, and don't hurt other people. -Especially my son. I can't tell him how hard it is to be his mommy. That would be unnecessary and cruel. He doesn't need to hear it. His life is tough enough without dealing with my problems. -AND- 2.) The vigors of being a mom, wife, and until recently, fulltime employee. It was cheaper and easier to throw prepackaged foods into the oven and serve. Now that I am a SAHM, I have found that I enjoy cooking and preparing dinners from scratch -so that won't be an obstacle anymore. However, it is STILL cheaper to buy unhealthy foods than healthier ones. Drat! So, time for more constructive ways to vent. I have joined 2 knitting groups. I have vowed to pick up the needles every time I am frustrated or upset. And I have vowed to put DOWN the Twinkies.

Oh and I just have to say what a terrific, supportive hubby I have. When I told him I wanted to re-join WW and start on an exercise program, the first thing he said is, "Don't do it for me. I think you're beautiful just how you are." Of course he's a bit biased - but God do I love him for it!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Itchin' to start new projects!!

Have you ever been inspired to start new projects after browsing through Ravelry and seeing the awesome patterns associated with the yarns in your stash? I am! But, I have a pumpkin I need to finish; socks; a shawl... I need to cast on the Knitting Meets Crochet scarf for my the KAL they are doing at Knit One. I would also love to cast on the Noble Cowl pattern. I now have enough sock yarn to keep me quite busy all winter. ARGH! Must focus on finishing projects. I NEED to get this sock done this week. I'd like to CO the other sock right away so that I don't forget how to make the socks and also so that I actually have a pair. I need to finish the shawl for my grammie. I need to finish up my pumpkin before Halloween. Okay, I think I need to join 'ADD Knitters Anonymous.' Anyone with me?

I went ahead and CO Knitting Meets Crochet so that I could participate with the KAL. It is knitting up pretty well and really fast. Here's a pic of about 24 rows of the scarf. The Noro Silk Garden is a pleasure to knit with and feels kinds soft and squishy. The knitting part of the scarf pattern is so pretty (it doesn't photograph well - but there is some lacework with ribbing), I'm starting to think I'll wimp out with the crochet edging. We'll see once the scarf is complete.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

A terrific birthday!!

Today is my birthday! What a terrific birthday weekend I've had.

Friday, Dh gave me a new laptop so that I didn't have to fuss with the old one and so that I'd have one that would work well with all of the computer applications I use: digiscrapping, blogging, moderating groups... He's a real sweetie and made this entire weekend just wonderful!
Yesterday, he sent me off for an entire day of knitting (while he took care of the kiddos)!! I went to the yarn shop and took part 2 of my socks class. I ACTUALLY understand how to make a sock without a pattern now! Ms. Connie, you are a magician! I turned the heel and began work on the gusset during class. After class, I stayed and sat and knit with Connie, a young lady making a hat in school colors, Victoria, and a mom trying to get a beautiful headband started for her daughter's art class. We sat and talked and knit until the shop closed at 4p! Then I came home and worked on my gusset until DH was ready for dinner. Then we went to a chinese restaurant and ate until we were all stuffed.

Today, my parents were suppossed to come and take us to dinner, but DD was sick in the morning, so we cancelled. But, DH went and bought all sorts of food to make at home for a special birthday brunch. Since then, we've all just hung out and relaxed. I finished my gusset and have started work on the foot. It's been so nice. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday!

OH- and my old co-workers signed a birthday card that my FIL bought and sent to me! AND my FIL and MIL gave me a nice gift that I shall use to procure more yarn!

I mean really - what could be more perfect? A weekend of family, knitting, and relaxation!! I can die a happy woman now!

Below are progress pics of my sock. The top picture is a side view of the sock, heel, and gusset. The bottom pic is a front picture of the sock so you can see the beautiful colorway. BTW- the Alpaca Sox yarn I used is so beautiful (pictures don't do it justice) and so incredibly soft when knit up. I can't wait to knit more socks with it. Oh - and the bandaid is because the Addi Turbos are very pointy and my knitting is very tight and as you know I throw my yarn(English style knitting) instead of pick (Continental style knitting) so all of these come together to create SORE index fingers! But the bandaid helps to prevent injury. Plus, it is a Susan G. Komen bandaid. :)

Oh, and don't forget I have knit these socks on just ONE circular needle.. if you haven't tried magic loop, you're gonna love it!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

To Broomstick or not to broomstick..

So I discovered Broomstick Lace, Peacock's Eye Crochet, or 'Jiffy Lace' as they called it in the '70s. Even though I have the most basic of basic crochet skills, it was pretty easy for me to pick up. I need to practice a bit more, as this this was my very first attempt. I think I will rip it out and try again. I need to practice my tension as well as my uniformity. But I can see why people are drawn to Broomstick Lace... it's so fast and relatively easy (it has to be if I picked it up this quickly). I'm just using a US size 35 knitting needle, a Crochet hook size "J," and some leftover worsted weight yarn I had in my stash. I think the pattern would be much prettier with a finer yarn, smaller needle (US size 19 or so), and smaller hook size. This was just cheapy acrylic yarn I had taking up space in my yarn bin - so it was perfect to practice.

I found some great tutorials from Stitch Diva:
Quick and Dirty Broomstick Lace
Intro to Broomstick Lace
Intro to Broomstick Lace, Part 2
Working in the Round with Broomstick Lace
Shaping with Broomstick Lace 1 - Decreasing
Shaping with Broomstick Lace 2 - Increasing

And another good one from The Art of Crochet...Teresa

Crochet Cabana and Gritty Knits have good written tutorials on Broomstick Lace. If you need a quick tutorial on single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), or even how to get started with crochet.. Nexstitch has amazing video tutorials!

So get out there and make some neat Broomstick Lace scarves, wraps, afghan squares, and afghans!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feeling the time crunch

Okay - so I haven't found my big red "S," but I feel like I need another 12 hours in every day. SAHMs have no more free time than working moms! I feel no more relaxed or like I have any more free time than I did 6 months ago when I was teaching. DH came home last night and begged for clean undies! I have finally taken to organizing my day on Google Calendar. (I keep personal appointments private so the public can really only view my knitting classes.) When I look at it daily, I am amazed at how booked my life really is. I was gone all day Monday running errands and shuttling the munchkin to preschool and back. Monday is library day for us. Oh - and in all of the rush, I forgot the knitting guild mtg. I am a member now and have still to make it to mtg! Yesterday, I missed the MOMS club mtg. in favor of straightening up the apartment a bit before heading off to the Autism Resource Center for the day. Today, the munchkin has dance this morning, then a QUICK lunch (we have about 20 minutes to find and eat lunch and drive to next activity), and then preschool. I'm supossed to have my hair done this afternoon while munchkin is in preschool - but my socks class is on Saturday and I have had NO time to do my homework - so I will likely reschedule my appointment in favor of knitting at KnitOne for an hour and a half before picking the munchkin back up. Then I have to rush home, pick up the teenager and go grocery shopping (we have NOTHING in the fridge or cupboards!). Tomorrow, I have a mtg. with the advocate in the morning and an IEP mtg. in the afternoon. Friday is my day to clean, clean, clean the apartment!! Saturday I have knitting class and it's Sweetest Day! And Sunday my parents are coming to take me to dinner for my birthday! So please, God - can I have 12 more hours every day? ;P


Monday, October 13, 2008

Feeling the need to ORGANIZE

OMG - I'm actually feeling the need to organize my knitting needles, notions, yarn, and crochet hooks! I know, I know.. it's like Bizarro-World from Seinfeld. But to be honest, all of my scrapbooking is organized in big plastic drawers: paper, cardstock, embellishments, inks and chalks, pens and markers.. My digiscrapping is organized in files by designer (so I know who to give credit to) and then in a Digital Scrapbooking File. My general crafts are organized on a 6 shelf system: decoupage and adhesives; die cutter machines, paper cutters, and die cuts; buttons, bobbles, and various embellishments; et cetera.. I have so much stuff to keep organized. Even my sewing desk is organized. So why have I not taken the time to organize my knitting? Who knows? But I seem to have bags and baskets, needles and notions all OVER the place and shoved in every crevice.
So I took the first step toward getting organized: I bought 20 zipper pencil cases (I got them for $0.20/each) and a paint pen. I wrote on the back of each case the needle size in US and mm and then put my circs in the correct pouch. I wish I had bought more cases. I had just enough for my circ. needle collection, but now need some for DPNs (which I may just give away since I've discovered the joys of ML), crochet hooks, cables for my interchangeable needles, cable needles, and notions. I bought a heavy-duty 4" binder and will place all of my zipper cases in it. I also just bought a 2" binder, tabs, and page protectors for my patterns and a 1 1/2" binder for my notions. (I had a pattern binder but for the life of me cannot find it - no big surprise there.)
I have a very functional rectangular basket for my straight needles. Now I just need to figure out a better way to store all of my yarn. So far, I buy the cheapy zipper storage bags (generic ZipLock bags) in all different sizes and store my yarn in baggies. I put all of the skeins of yarn from the same dye lot in the same zipper bag. This way, I can gauge if I have enough of one yarn to complete a project or not. I also put my entire project in a ziplock bag and write on the front of the bag the date I started the project, the yarn I am using (including the colorway, dye lot), the needles I am using, and the pattern name. I also place the label of the yarn in the bag so I have the washing and sometimes blocking information. However, these bags have overtaken my bitty apartment. They are under the bed, in the closet, in my night stand, my knitting bags, a canvas storage box, and huge basket, and a rolling suitcase. There has to be a better way. I may actually start using the 'Stash' feature on Ravelry so that I am able to put yarn away and NOT forget that I have it. (Been there, done that - and have too much yarn because of it.)
This is my mission this week. Get organized so I can enjoy a winter of care-free knitting. My husband thinks I'm such a geek.. and he's right. I'm a total knitting geek, but I love every minute of it!

'Went to Office Max and bought up the rest of the CLEARANCE zipper pouches!! I have finished organizing my needles, notions, and patterns. The white binder has my circs in it; the pink binder my notions, crochet hooks, cable needles, and DPNs; and the black binder has all of my patterns and instructions booklets for various needle art items. I will have to tackle the yarn tomorrow.. :)


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Started My Camo Socks

Well, I took Ms. Connie's ML sock class this morning and am on my way to creating a pair of alpaca socks! So far, I've only knit the cuff and have knit 5 rows of the ss body. The cuff has a little flouncy flouncy action - giving it more 'give' and a feminine look. I think I will like these socks. Now if I could learn to knit less tightly, I could save my index finger from the constant stabbing of my needle.. dare to dream.

P.S. I'm SO loving the complete absence of DPNs!


Getting the bug..

I am getting the bug.. the inquisitive, creative bug. I have signed up for a couple of classes. I think most of this is due to my increase in knitting since I've become a SAHM and my knitting confidence rising since I am finishing projects. Now I am hungry to learn MORE. I am taking a sock class at Knit One this morning! 'Got me some beautiful Alpaca Sox yarn in Camo colorway and my trusty Addi US #2 needles - I'm good to go!

For November, I signed up for a Beginning Crochet class from Knit One as well as a sewing class from JoAnn's. But I still want to learn MORE. Here's my wishlist of sorts:

Locker Hooking
Punch Needle
Cake Decorating
Rug Hooking

Of course, it will take alot of time to learn all of these things.. I want to really give each new skill enough time for me to learn it correctly and progress in my skill level with it before diving into a new skill. But it is just so amazing to me how I started wanting to learn to make some simple crafts that I saw on DIY --->scrapbooking--->paper crafting--->decoupage--->rubber stamping--->craft sewing--->knitting--->crochet--->more advanced sewing---> everything else I am wanting to learn. Once the craft bug bites you, you're doomed! (And so is your closet space, your pocketbook, and your finger nails.)


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finished my Curly Purly Pumpkin

I finally finished it! Just in time for the KAL to end!! Nothing like waiting until the last minute. The ladders I experienced early in the project disappeared and my pumpkin looks pretty good. And the best part - NO DPNs!! You gotta love Magic Loop!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So much to knit.. so little time

So, I am the Moderator of the Ravelry Group, Moving Beyond Rectangles. And as such, I thought it only appropriate to start a Fall KAL. Of course the end date for this KAL is Oct. 31st and of course, I have not yet completed MY KAL project... So I picked it up today and started knitting it. Our KAL is to knit a pumpkin. I choose The Curly Purly Pumpkin. But instead of using DPNs, decided to go with Magic Loop on a pr. of US #11, 32" circs. I'm knitting it in Red Heart Soft Solids - Tangerine. Now, I have started a ML sock (pictured here awhile ago) but my ML is a tad rusty. After several attempts at this pumpkin using ML - I found that I kept twisting my first row of stitches. UGH! I put it down for 3 weeks. I just picked it up and tried again and NO twisting (score!) BUT I am finding that on one side and one side only I have ladders. EGADS! Since it is early in the project, I will try to correct this by knitting the first 2 stitches on that side more tightly. If it continues to have ladders all the way up, I'll have to frog. Right now, the ladders would not even be seen because this part of the project will be the bottom of the pumpkin. We'll see. Having to FROG and try again is not the worst thing.. I may get good at ML after this pumpkin. I'd sure like to say that I've at least finished the KAL since I am the one who initiated it. ;P

I also just started yet another shawl.. yes I still have 2 that need a-finishing.. but my grammie would like a shawl and I can't really say no to the woman. She's like a saint. So I traveled near to Knit One and purchased some Farmhouse Yarns 'I am Allergic to Wool' yarn in khaki colorway (2 hanks to be exact). I am using the same pattern I used for my Halloween Shawl. It's pretty simple and since it's on size 19 needles, it will knit up in a jif.


Monday, October 6, 2008

One Shawl Down.. Two More to Go

I finished my Magic Ball Halloween Shawl in the car on the way home to Ohio Friday night. I couldn't wait to get back to PA so that I could take a pic of it and post it on my blog. I'm sure my neighbors thought I was insane - Picture this: Woman in flannel jammies, standing on her balcony taking pics of a crazy looking knitted piece in various positions on every piece of available patio furniture. It wasn't until I looked over that I noticed that my neighbor(s) were out on their balconies enjoying coffee while I was fussing with this shawl; trying to make sure my 3 yo didn't leap off the balcony (she climbs up our adirondack chairs which sit against the posts and spindles); shooing my curious puggle away; and trying to find the right light setting for my camera. It must have been a sight to see. BTW - I purposely left this shawl unblocked. I don't think that it would've blocked well and the stretchy, gauziness of this shawl combined with the multiple fibers is in line with the Bohemian feel of the project.

I am still finishing up Ms. Maddie's Magic Princess Shawl and the SS wool shawl. I'm really dissatisfied with the plainness of the SS shawl.. I may frog and try a different pattern. The variegated colorway screams to be showcased without being overpowered by a complex pattern - but I'm not loving the SS pattern at all. It just seems boring.

I got my Stampin' Up! shipment on Friday.. I had to wait ALL weekend to get back home and tear into it! I got:

Thoroughly Thankful Stamp Set
Craft Stampin' Pads Earth Elements
Buttons Earth Elements
Stampin' Embossing Powder Gold

I hope I get to make some handmade Thanksgiving cards with these!! Since we will not be traveling home for Thanksgiving, I'd like to send something special and handmade to the families.

Oh - and just for a bit of fun.. Check out the Stringativity blog.. this ingenius knitter, following in the footsteps of one Ms. Pearl-McPhee, actually got Barack Obama to hold up her sock-in-progress for a couple of pics! AWESOME!


Friday, October 3, 2008

Halloween Shawl / Stash Buster

Here is the Magic Ball Halloween Shawl I am working on. I'll have used 2 hanks of Be Sweet Magic Ball when it is complete. It's really hard to see the shape here because I worked the shawl on straights (couldn't find US size 19 in circs), so I can't show you how wide it actually is. In the last picture you can see the bobbles that are a part of one of the fibers in the hank. I like that this project turns out looking like a controlled mess. There are bobbles hanging off asymmetrically in the shawl. I hated knitting the ribbon part - the stitch definition is not good, especially since I choose to knit with such large needles (or 'telephone poles' as Celeste put it). ;P I do really like this yarn however. But if you need complete control over symmetry and you have a need for all of your stitches to look exactly the same and even - then this is NOT the yarn for you. It's kind of a bohemian effect.

This got us all thinking at Wednesday afternoon knitting group - why couldn't one just create their own magic balls using stash? We all have bits of yarn left over from projects that we save but cannot make a complete project out of. Why not create a magic ball with our leftovers? Really a magic ball is just a bunch of different, coordinating, fibers that are actually tied together. How easy is that? What a great yarn swap that would be! Everyone creates their own magic ball and swaps with someone else. Of course, you'd need to make enough for a small project (200 yds or thereabouts). But what a cute, stash-busting idea. OR, it would be fun to have a group get together and bring all of their left over yarns and sit for an entire afternoon creating different magic balls! How fun! Oh, the wheels are a-turning..


Thursday, October 2, 2008

On a personal note..

For those of you out there that have been praying for my grandma.. She came through the surgery ok. She had some complications and had to stay in the hospital an extra week, but finally got to go home last night. We're still waiting to hear what the biopsies and the abdominal flush show. We're really hoping that the cancer has not left the uterus. The oncologist said that it appeared as though the cancer was contained in the uterus and had not spread outside the organs (uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries). Of course he won't know for sure until all of the labs are in. She's at home with my aunt and uncle - both are medical people. My uncle is a Physician's Assistant and Surgical Technician working for the Cleveland Clinic and my aunt is an RN with a Master's degree and is a department head for the Cleveland Clinic. She's in really good hands.

Keep praying for my little guy.. he's being bullied mercilessly on the bus. Kids are so cruel. Brian is the sweetest, most loving child I've ever met. It's such a shame that no one tries to get to know him. Not even some of his own family members (not immediate). He's enjoying his Aspie support groups and the clubs he's joined at school (puzzle/word game club, community service club, and ski club). Only time will tell. But on a positive note.. our immediate family is stronger than ever and the move has really grown our relationships with each other. Life is so much happier and healthier for all of us. God has really come through for us and for that we're eternally thankful.

Thanks to all of you that have emailed me extending your thoughts and prayers.. it's so appreciated.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Knitting with Knit One North!!

So I finally got to get over to Knit One North to join in on the Wednesday afternoon knitting group and OMG was it ever fun! Typically, my weekly calendar is a blur of non-stop activity. Between my obligations as mommy/chauffeur, volunteer for the kids' schools, and cleaner of dirty laundry - I don't have much time to do anything during the day. If I want to knit or craft, it has to be after DH gets home. But DH has a very stressful and demanding job - so I usually put my knitting groups on the back burner (and rightfully so). But, Knit One North now has an afternoon knitting group on Wednesdays - and since DD has preschool Monday and Wednesday afternoons, this works out beautifully! I got to engage in actual adult conversation about more than special education and volunteer work. I got to talk about OTHER mommy things. I got to spend time with other mommies. We had a good time and I just can't say enough about how much I love Knit One!

There was only one drawback - Dr. Stacey took my picture (possibly for the Knit One newsletter) ! I HATE having my picture taken. And 98% of all pictures of me are completely hideous. But I was knitting a simple garter stitch shawl with the Magic Ball yarn (in Halloween colorway) that I had purchased from the shop maybe a month ago. It really looked like candy corn as I was knitting it up. I'm terribly disappointed however because 2 ends of fiber in the Magic Ball split in the middle of my knitting and I had to unravel my shawl so that I can start over WITHOUT holes popping up in the middle of my shawl. (Pictures to come as soon as I re-start it.)

The shop is wonderful and so is the staff.. if you're ever in the Mars area, please stop in and support their shop! I can't wait for knitting group next Wednesday afternoon!

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