Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yarn.. the creative gal's 'shoe fettish'

There are women out there secretly purchasing thousands of dollars worth of Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks.. (and honestly, if I could afford to adorn my tootsies with these masterpieces I would too). Women who worship their shoes and feed their shoe fetish. And then there's me. I feed my yarn fetish. As hysterical, sad, or reasonable as it may sound (depends on the perspective), I LOVE yarn. And although it can't make my toes all tingly with joy like a beautiful pair of Manolos, it makes me fingers flutter with excitement. Today for example.. did I go out and shop at the wonderful high-end shops about town? No sir! I shopped at my Fave LYS, Knit One! Instead of fondling leather, I fondled cashmere. And like any worthwhile preoccupation, I bought things I did not need and may never get to enjoy (given the status of my ever-growing, dare I say, out of control, yarn stash). Of course the voice in my head and the flutter in my heart says that buying 2 hanks of Magic Ball in Halloween colorway is entirely practical and most assuredly necessary to sustain life... Okay, perhaps a bit dramatic.. but then again, maybe not so much. Those out there with secret stashes can all relate to the "gotta have that yarn.. don't know why or what I'll knit with it " moment. To defend myself, I have to say that the $60 yarn purchase is so much less than a pair of designer pumps... AND while I knit, I get at least $350 worth of therapy (estimated) from an hour with my yarn. While walking for an hour in those functional Picasos may require dropping another couple of thousand on foot surgery. So I am actually saving money, improving my mental wellness, and creating things of beauty all by myself. Of course this requires finishing projects, but I digress. So next time you see a savvy lady sporting her fabulous Manolos, don't hestitate to reach into your knitting bag and flash your Tilli Tomas. Oh, and let your spouses know just how much money you are saving THEM. I mean, you deserve extra yarn time for that alone, dontcha think? ;)

Below is a pic of my latest acquisition:



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