Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Steppin' Up to Stampin' Up! / Projects Progress

I have some creative bug right now.. I just have a need to craft, scrapbook, and knit. I contacted a Stampin' Up! consultant in my area and as luck would have it, she is hosting a Stamp Camp at her house on my birthday!! She warned me that stamping can be addictive and I warned her that I am a craft-addict through and through (much to the dismay of my tremendously patient DH).

I'm so excited about stamping.. I almost forgot to mention that I am nearly finished with Ms. Maddie's Magic Shawl!! That's right, I said finished. {Insert giggles and squeals here} I know you aren't used to hearing that word come out of KPG's mouth - but I'm so happy that I have come to the end of that project. As soon as I weave in the ends and add the fringe, I'll post pics. Mads is so excited about it too!! She wants to wear it everywhere - but I keep telling her it's not yet done.

I'm also working on completing my ss shawl and re-working my curly purly pumpkin. I bought some terrific bulky yarn for the pumpkin, but I can't find DPNs big enough for it. I tried working it in magic loop, but my ML must be a tad rusty because I keep twisting the first round of stitches! ARGH! I had to put it down for a bit. Maybe I'll pick it up today and try again.

I also just got a really cool pattern for grungy pumpkins! I can't wait to give them a whirl. But FIRST - I have to finish up the cardstock pumpkins and treat bags for Maddie's preschool class.

I just love fall. Something about this season just energizes me... And to top it off, Maddie is having so much fun helping me with crafts. Now, if I could just find a place for my embossing powders so that she doesn't keep spreading them about the house as "fairy dust", then all will be well.



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