Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Political Stuff

I just want to briefly address all of the political 'stuff' happening in our country right now. It is no secret that I am a democrat and Obama supporter. But, I wanted to say a few things about our political process right now.

I dislike HATE-MONGERING. It doesn't matter from whence it came.. left or right. It's plain wrong. I don't like it in my own party and don't like it in the Republican party. This race for the presidency should be about the fundamental beliefs and stategies of the candidates to better our country as a whole. They should be discussing THAT in the media and in ads. There should be no liberal press or conservative press. There should just be facts.. period. Both parties are guilty of this and should be ashamed. As intelligent adults, we should all listen to BOTH sides and their stands BEFORE voting. I am watching the RNC just as I watched the DNC. Even though it is highly unlikely I will change my vote - I need to be wholly educated on both candidates as to make an informed decision.

My husband and I have always said that we are in a 'mixed' marriage. He is a republican and I am a democrat. We both respect one another's viewpoints. We listen to one another. There are times where I break with my party on issues and he breaks with his party on some issues. This is what it means to be a thinking person. We do not put down each other's candidate. We each examine what it means to us personally to make the country a better place. We agree to disagree. And that's why our country is so wonderful. We CAN disagree. There are countries out there where there is only ONE way you are allowed to believe.

To touch on Gov. Palin... I do not know enough about her to make any intelligent comments on her political career. What I can say is that I feel for her family. I agree that her daughter's pregnancy should have no bearing on the job for VP. Afterall, how many interviews have you gone on where someone asks you if you have had a pregnant teen? I think the media should STOP reporting that they will respect the family's privacy. RESPECT it then! Stop reporting it. Start reporting about the facts on why she would or wouldn't make a good veep.

Every one has a right to their opinions in this country. I have very close friends and family who have completely OPPOSITE opinions than I do. Opinions are just that: opinions. Opinion is not fact. It is not right or wrong. It is opinion and every American is entitled to one.

Whether you vote for McCain, Obama, or Dolores.. let's all ask ourselves this important question: Will this candidate support my yarn stash? 'Nough said.



  1. I think those are the most common sense words that I have heard from a Democrat in a very long time. Leave that young woman alone. She is not running for anything. Let her and her family decide what is right for her. I will have to say though, I will probably vote like your husband. But thumbs up for your sensible words.

  2. Well said. I actually had a woman tell me the other day that she HAD to vote Republican because everyone in her family is a Republican! Uh....what?!?! How about do some thinking for yourself about who YOU identify with the most! Sheesh.....

    Oh and GO OBAMA!!!! :)

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  4. I'm sick of America's election, and I'm an Aussie! I hate elections, but yours just goes on and on...

    How are the dpn's working out? I just cast on my first sock with (stupid) dpn's. I always get ladders! grrrr.... I couldn't find any pictures of the orange gloves...

  5. Alrischa - fon't feel bad we Americans get tired of it too. :) That's why they call it a political process here. Although it can be exhausting, in the end both parties have had the opportunity to express their views and get their word out. We are a pretty big place.

    I'm doing okay with the socks.. I haven't finished them. I've been inundated with the start of school and heaps of other fall activities that the socks have been sadly sitting aside. Let me know how the DPNs are going. I haven't been brave enough to try the DPNs yet. I have to say I really like ML. I'll check out your blog!!

    PS- DH spent 3 weeks in Australia and LOVED it!! I wish I could visit!


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