Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Overcommitted and underpaid

So I have been zippin' around like a mad woman this past week! We went home to Ohio over the weekend for my nephew's b-day party and to get something done at our house there.. Then we came home late Sunday night in the middle of the horrendous wind storm that was left over from Ike. We passed over Lake Milton in Youngstown and saw oodles of search and rescue. At first we thought a wind gust took a car over the bridge (we had been gusted several times into the other lane), but apparrently it was a capsized boat.

Monday, Maddie had preschool and I had about 200 loads of laundry to wash. Brian's school was on delay due to the power outages and downed trees covering many roadways. Oodles of people in Butler County are without power.

Tuesday, Mads and I went a-shopping for fall stuff. We got some stuff to complete our crafts and to make with her preschool class. We stopped at Knit-One so that I could sign up for Connie's ML Sock class in Oct. We got home and did MORE laundry; helped Bri with his homework; and ordered pizza instead of making the sloppy joes. Mama was tired!

Today, Brian missed the bus, so I popped on some clothes and drove 20 minutes to his school and 20 minutes BACK. Then, Maddie noticed that Brian had left his lunch in the car as we were getting out of the car.. so BACK to the school I went. Then we came home and I showered for like a nano second before heading off to Maddie's dance class. Her class ended at 11:50a and we zipped into town for McDonald's and a quick costume change before preschool started at 12:30p. (I'm sure someone saw me shoving chicken nuggets into my preschooler's mouth whilst ripping her dance attire off and slapping preschool clothing on. Quite the spectacle.) Once I dropped her off at preschool, it was back in the car to run errands and buy tap shoes (mom forgot these for Maddie's class). I then stopped home; ate a slice of cold pizza; checked email; and ran back into town to return library books; mail letters; and pick up the Madster.

We just got home a bit ago and I emailed everyone in the free world pics of my prima ballerina.

Oh - did I mention that I have volunteered to help out as a room-mom for the preschool? Or that I volunteered for SVIP (parent involvement/volunteer group) for Brian's school? Or that I signed up to join MOMS Club and volunteered to help plan the activities monthly?

In all of this excitement, I haven't had my daily dose of knitting. I tried a bit last night, but DH didn't get home until after 8p and I was so tired- yarn was the last thing on my mind. I am going through KNITTING WITHDRAWL!!!!! I need to knit. I can't wait for DH to get home so that I can sit and knit a bit. Who knows? I may be asleep by then. ;P



  1. What a crazy day! Not to sound like a nag but try to get some you time. Although it is difficult to find time for ourselves it is very important. I know what you mean though about being too tired to knit. My preschooler just started dance too! We will have to share notes. Try to relax and unwind some how. I'll try to send you some peaceful vibes!

  2. Gotta love those nanosecond showers. Sometimes I take an extra nanosecond... and I feel so decadent. lol.

    Here I was thinking how much more knitting time I'd have when my littlies are old enough for school!


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