Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting Creative.. Or At Least Attempting It

I tried to knit a shawl with the Magic Ball yarn I got.. but the shawl pattern was far to complex for such a busy yarn AND because the yarn is so varied in fiber, I tended to have problems with stitch count because the definition is not so good on some parts of the yarn. So busy pattern with lots of increases, YOs, and pattern work combined with a yarn that has oodles of fiber variation = FROGGED project! Oh well. To top it off, when frogging, the yarn in certain areas knotted so badly, I actually had to CUT {insert grimace here} some of the yarn away to save the majority of the yarn.

I started a new shawl pattern (easier) with LanaLoft from Brown Sheep in Orange Confection Colorway. The only problem: for some unknown reason my YOs on either end look completely different! Facing the RS of the work, on the right my YOs look like holes (normal) but on the left side, they are barely visible. At any rate, I've put the project on hold until I can figure out what I am doing wrong. I'd like my work to look the same on either side.

UPDATE**** Suseeq, a moderator from KnittingHelp.com, says not to worry about it not looking the same. She says that on the one side, the stitch is curling and it will look like the other side after I've washed and blocked.. SO a BIG thank you to Suseeq!! I'm so relieved that I don't have to frog this project.
I made homemade Mac & Cheese with my daughter the other day. We had so much fun cooking together. We actually made Balsamic crusted Pork Loin Roast with roasted sweet potatoes last night as well, but we didn't think to take a picture (we were so hungry). Oh, and I made a 3# pork loin roast.. Me, Brian, and Mads each ate 1 slice and Rob ate the other 2.5#! There was nothing left to take a pic of anyway. I guess that's proof that the cookin' is good! I can't take credit for the recipe though. I got it from allrecipes.com. The Mac & Cheese recipe was courtesy recipezaar.com.
Being home with my daughter every day has been so magical. It was so difficult for me at first (adjustment to not working), but now we have a rhythm and it's alot of fun! In the mornings, (after we make breakfast together), she watches Nick Jr. while I check email or knit. Then we make the beds, work on some crafts or reading together, eat lunch, and run errands. It's really working out well. Now if only I could become a better knitter so that I could knit (and finish) some projects!! :)


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  1. I like your shawls! They look really good. The mac and cheese looks very savory as well. I love allrecipies; I have never gotten a bad recipe. They always come out delicious. Keep up the good work!


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