Monday, August 25, 2008

Moving is a real pain in the arse!

So it has been a CRAZY couple of weeks to say the very least. Last week, we had company all week (my niece M-S and friends Fri & Sat of the same week). Then we went home to ready everything to be packed. Tuesday the movers came and packed up ALL of our stuff. Wednesday they loaded all of our stuff onto a truck (a bit like the 20 clowns in a teeny car act). And finally Thursday they unloaded all of our things in PA. Friday, I spent the day unpacking the bedrooms so that the kids had all of their own things and everyone had fresh linens on the beds. Also, I wanted to unpack my craft items. In our house, I had oodles of closet space. I had my craft items in a huge closet in my craft room. I had lots of storage in my craft room for my crafts. I had storage bins about the entire house. But in a 3 bdrm apartment, a craft room just wasn't in the cards... so I had to pack MOST of my craft stuff away in storage (don't worry - it's in waterproof bins in climate-controlled storage) and improvise for the rest. I put a huge bookshelf in my closet and used the shoe shelving in the closet to hold some craft items. I also popped my sewing desk/craft table into our bdrm. I even have my 3 drawer storage unit with papercrafting items in a corner in my room next to the dog cage! Necessity is the mother of invention.. or craftiness.. you choose!



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