Monday, August 25, 2008

Moving is a real pain in the arse!

So it has been a CRAZY couple of weeks to say the very least. Last week, we had company all week (my niece M-S and friends Fri & Sat of the same week). Then we went home to ready everything to be packed. Tuesday the movers came and packed up ALL of our stuff. Wednesday they loaded all of our stuff onto a truck (a bit like the 20 clowns in a teeny car act). And finally Thursday they unloaded all of our things in PA. Friday, I spent the day unpacking the bedrooms so that the kids had all of their own things and everyone had fresh linens on the beds. Also, I wanted to unpack my craft items. In our house, I had oodles of closet space. I had my craft items in a huge closet in my craft room. I had lots of storage in my craft room for my crafts. I had storage bins about the entire house. But in a 3 bdrm apartment, a craft room just wasn't in the cards... so I had to pack MOST of my craft stuff away in storage (don't worry - it's in waterproof bins in climate-controlled storage) and improvise for the rest. I put a huge bookshelf in my closet and used the shoe shelving in the closet to hold some craft items. I also popped my sewing desk/craft table into our bdrm. I even have my 3 drawer storage unit with papercrafting items in a corner in my room next to the dog cage! Necessity is the mother of invention.. or craftiness.. you choose!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Making Progress..

I finally got past the gusset part of my sock and am knitting the foot!!
I also got up the nerve to use my new ball winder and swift ( I bought it months and months ago) for the first time yesterday and actually made some center-pull cakes out of the beautiful hanks I've collected so that I can use them!! Now, the cakes are a little sloppy, but by the 4th cake (a beautiful hank of Argosy Lotus Blossom), it looked much better. It is shown in the picture as the smallest cake in the front on the left.Going home to Ohio this morning to finish up work on the house.. I will take my Superlong wrap with me so that I can actually work on it for the WIP Wrestling. I doubt I'll have time to work on my bag for the Bags n Totes Backstroke. -I still need some help on it, but unfortunately, my computer has no sound for some weird reason (hubby thinks a virus or two) and until I can hear KnittinMitchie, I have had to suspend all online classes from The Fuzzy Lamb (sniff, sniff). We have cancelled the cable, internet, and phone at the house in Ohio - so knitting before bed will be perfect! (Maybe I'll even finish my Magic Loop Ankle Sock!!!)

Blog ya next week!


Friday, August 8, 2008

Ready, Set, Ravelympics..

Da..., Da..., Da Da Da Da Da...Da Da Da Da ..Da Da...Da Da Da Da Da

Okay, I have no idea if that's enough 'Da's or not.. Ravelympics officially kicks off today (and some other game thing in China) and I'm inspired to get knitting on my bag and my wrap. I will post pics as I progress. Okay, Team Fuzzy Lamb - Needles Up.. GO!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cranberry Knitting Community

I finally got to go back & knit with the awesome ladies of Cranknitters last night! It was so much fun. There were 2 newbies to the group there last night and one lady stopped by to see what we were doing (Cranknitters meets in Barnes & Noble) and may join our group. The ladies are all so friendly and talented.. they made me feel a part of the group. Also - under Connie's watchful eye and with alot of her help, I was able to finally start work on the gusset of my ML sock. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. She showed me the basics - where to pick up stitches and decrease. I spent the rest of the evening working on my gusset. And like a child that just mastered a skill, I proudly showed Ms. Connie that I 'got it' along with my work product. Thank God she's a patient woman. I asked her alot of questions. Below is a picture of my heel and gusset work thusfar.. It's not a great pic - but you get the idea.
I went and visited Knit One North today and bought me some beautiful Cascade 220 Superwash Paints in Sunshine and some Classic Elite Alpaca Sox in Red Riot. (Yarn Porn ahead..) I got to meet Carolyn and Dawne (Sorry - I previously mispelled your name.) who were very friendly and welcoming. I went. I saw. I fondled (yarn, that is - geesh). It was great. Brian got to knit a few rows on a knitting swatch Carolyn has going in the shop for anyone who wants to knit a bit. She's going to let it keep growing and growing and taking on a pattern and life all it's own. I thought it was really great that Brian contributed something to their new store. I asked to be contacted the minute I could sign up for Cat Bordhi's class and Carolyn was gracious enough to take my info. Also, she told me that they are planning alot of upcoming classes Saturday mornings and some evenings -plus a Ladies' Night Out (sit 'n bitch basically) on Friday nights. I think I found my PA yarn home. :)Toodles.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

OMG - Cat Bordhi is coming to Knit One to teach classes

I just got an email (mass) message from the lovelies of Knit One (as those of you who read my blog may remember, Knit One is the place where Ms. Maddie lost their markers and Sir Brian knit a terrific little seed stitch swatch) to let the patrons know that the incredible, stupendous, sockalicious Cat Bordhi will be teaching some classes at their stores in November!!!!! As many of you knittas of the 'Burgh know - Knit One is located in Squirrel Hill and has a Grand Opening in the Cranberry Twp./Mars area THIS SATURDAY!!! Sadly, I am unable to attend. I guess getting the house ready so I can move to PA fulltime is more important..Blah, Blah, Blah. I emailed Stacey @ Knit One and told her that I most certainly want to sign up for classes as soon as they are posted. Teach me, grasshopper!

Now, if only they could invite The Harlot to duke it out with Ms. Bordhi (a sock dual of sorts) over which sock knitting technique is the best (circs or DPNs) - I could die a happy knitster.

Dare to dream, dumplings..


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Taking a Cue From Vickie Howell..

She has "6 Things" listed on her blog.. and I thought that was such a cute idea. So I am going to get it started over this way and tag some people of my own. So here goes:

Six Things:

The Rules:

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2. Post the rules on the blog.
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6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

(No one has tagged me.. I'm just getting this started)

I have 3 earring holes in each ear though I almost NEVER wear earrings.

If I could vacation anywhere - it would be Tuscany

I have to wear hubby's t-shirts to bed or I'm not comfortable. Something about the smell of his shirts.

I have eaten butter right out of the container

My favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio

I secretly wish I could pull off red hair

I'm tagging:
Eccentric Scorpion
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Fall Updates

Hallo, Stricker und Crafters!
I finally took pics of the beautiful yarn I picked up at Calla Lily. It is Brown Sheep Company's Lanaloft in Orange Confection. It's a beautiful Sport Weight yarn. I am using it to make The Purl Bee's Greenaway Gloves. I am taking a class called, "Mastering DPNs" with The Fuzzy Lamb and we are making these fingerless gloves to learn DPNs. I like this colorway because it was perfect timing for autumn wear.I forgot to mention previously that I had purchased (a while back) a really great knitting bag from Calla Lily as well: a quilted Donna Sharp bag. It's so pretty - my pics can't do it justice. It's got various shades of pinks, greens, and cremes. It's so roomy and really practical.
Also, the same weekend I purchased my Lanaloft from Calla Lily, I picked up some clear acrylic covers for a mini album and a heart mini album from The Pink Tomato. I plan on making a fall mini-album with the covers. I need to get some rub-ons for the covers yet. It is going to be an album just filled with fall things. The heart shaped album I plan to use for a "Favorite Things" album I want to put together. I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to start that one.
So here are the other updates on my UFOs/WIPs:
  • Ravelympics begins on Friday!! I have entered the Bags & Totes Backstroke, Felted Fresstyle, and Colorworks Crosscountry with Team Fuzzy Lamb. We are knitting up Knitty's Little Slip of a Thing for those events. I am also entered in the WIP Wrestling as I plan on finishing my Superlong Wrap from Knitting to Go.
  • I have 2 online classes starting this week (via The Fuzzy Lamb): Crochet Basics and Mastering DPNs (where I am making the Greenaway Gloves).
  • My Ravelry group, "Moving Beyond Rectangles," will be starting a pumpkin KAL after Labor Day. I have chosen to knit, The Curly Purly Pumpkin.
  • The kiddos and I are going to create handmade Halloween treat bags and crafts including a felted pumpkin.
I've got enough to last through the end of the year and I haven't even thought of Christmas yet. Uh-oh.. better get to work! Das sp├Ątere ya sehen.

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