Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Knitting is Better than Therapy

10.) Yarn doesn't nod and ask you how you feel about that.
9.) You don't have to work through your issues.. you can just poke things with pointy sticks
8.) You can get more than one hour of yarn therapy for that $350
7.) You don't blame your mother for all of your knitting mistakes
6.) It is perfectly acceptable to conduct your yarn therapy at Starbucks.. psychotherapy, not so much
5.) The only shock therapy you endure is with wool, metal needles, and a fast hand
4.) The only chemicals you put into your body are tea, coffee, martinis, or chocolate.. and you can take them DURING therapy
3.) Your insurance premiums won't increase
2.) You can enjoy yarn therapy on vacation; in your jammies; in bed; on the train/bus/subway; in the park; or at work (secretly).

1.) You can't fondle your therapist



  1. that was too cute!!my favorite is #5. thanks:D

  2. Knitting is still basically the same as it has been since prehistorictimes. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic

  3. While going through a particularly trying time during the past year, knitting was definitely my therapy of choice. And in the end, I had beautiful, warm and cozy knit items!

  4. To take string and two sticks to alleviate stress, to do something alone, to create something to wear or use is phenomenal! I have been knitting for over 50 years and if God allows I will continue for another 50 years. God bless knitters and knitting!

  5. I've been knitting and crocheing ever since I was 10 years old. It was a family tradition. From my grandmother, to my mother, my sister and my daughter. We all love to knit and crochet. In fact I was a knitting instructor for Michaels. You know that store? I am now 72 and still enjoying it.

  6. Good reasons! LOL A friend in 10th grade (1969) taught me to knit with big needles and rug yarn. Her clever pattern made shaped slippers with no inc/dec and no binding off! Great for a beginner. I still have the index card I copied her pattern on and I still use it, although rug yarn ain't what it used to be...Since then I have knitted whatever I liked and marvel at the fabulous yarns now available. I am from a family of crochet people, so I learned that first. But I am still the only person in my family who knows how to knit.

  7. you speak my mind for sure....thanks for posting...passing it on.


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