Thursday, July 24, 2008

Never knit half asleep

So I am taking a colorworks class from The Fuzzy Lamb. It's an online class. Our first assignment was to have the base of the bag (Little Slip of a Thing) completed and be ready to start picking up stitches for class. Of course, I left my knitting bag in PA when I went back home to OH because I knew I wouldn't have time to knit. When I checked my email, I realized I was suppossed to have this done by Tuesday night's class. Then, Tuesday night I drove 3+ hours back to PA; set up my computer (the entire desk top had to be set up in my apartment - UGH!); and got online minutes before the class started. Needless-to-say I did not have my first assignment completed and ready for class. KnittinMitchie was kind enough to give me until this afternoon to be ready for an afternoon make-up class. So I knit my bag base really early in morning before anyone was awake (the only time I can really knit is when the kiddos are sleeping). Then I went back to sleep for an hour. I ended up taking a nap with Maddie in the afternoon (Brian kinda napped.. we've all been so exhausted.) and I woke up 2 hours PAST the class time! ARGH! I grabbed my project and jumped online only to find out that class was postponed until tomorrow afternoon because my instructor fell asleep too! How funny is that??

Then I started to look at my work and I could not believe how utterly crappy it looked. It didn't lack consistency in the tension on the main body of the work, but the slipped stitches on either end were of completely different tensions. With the RS facing me, the right hand side slipped stitches look HUGE. They are very uneven and I can't really tell which stitches I would use to pick up. With the WS facing me, the right hand side stitches are very even and easily counted for picking up. I noticed some funky looking stitches in the body of the work. I suspect I either twisted them or the pattern allows for this oddness (there is row 5 which is different from the rest of the pattern). At any rate, chances are good that it is MY error and not some unique design element. It has been my experience that I don't turn out my best work half asleep, after a chocolate martini, when chatting at a stitch & bitch, or if distracted at all (I'm pretty ADD when knitting).

This just supports my theory that if I had my own knitting studio (complete with sound-proof walls, plenty of storage for the stash, TV/DVD/TiVo/iPod dock to watch/listen/record my craft/knitting shows/podcasts, and time without the children, housework, and noise in general) I could possibly turn out some decent work. Of course, I can't prove said theory as sadly, I have no investors willing to support my scientific/crafting endeavors. (What has happened to this country?)


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  1. Hmmmm.....when you find an investor be sure to look me up ok?? I must go investigate this online class - thanks for the tip!


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