Tuesday, July 8, 2008

FROG is a four-letter word!

These magic loop socks have really got me in a tizzy! First, I knit the cuff without any problems - perfect stitches.. good gauge. Until I realized that I knit them inside out. Then I figured that it would be enough to simply invert the socks when it came time to knit the heel flap and turn the heel. But alas, I knit the heel flap wrong (misread the instructions). I then decided, if I am going to FROG it (For all of you non-knitters to FROG is to rip out.. rip it, rip it.. like a frog), I might as well learn how to knit the darned sock right side out.

A few days later, I got an extra dose of knitting class from KnittinMitchie so that I could fully understand how she did ML knitting.. She was pulling out the back needle, not the front needle as I had been doing. So I decided to try to knit the way she does. I knit and FROGGED; knit and FROGGED; knit and FROGGED until I realized that I was having issues with the initial rounds. I was twisting the stitches and knitting half inside out and half rightside out. Then I knit and FROGGED another 20 times or so before deciding that I would give up and re-take the class. (ML drop-out.. I can just hear the music from Grease's Beauty School Drop Out playing - only substitute the words 'Magic Loop' for 'Beauty School.') I finally cast on once more and I got it! It just clicked and I was knitting the sock the correct way. Until I realized that I had accidentally created a hole by doing a YO that wasn't suppossed to there. FROG, FROG, FROG! I worked all afternoon to cast on and knit the cuff and heel flap and then turn the heel so that I could move on to the gusset with my class.. but only got to the heel flap.

I joined the gusset class tonight anyway but had to quit because I really need to do it to understand it. And since I haven't even turned my heel yet, I am far off. THEN - midway through the heel flap - I dropped a stitch and noticed a twisted stitch. FROG, FROG, FROG.

These socks will be the death of me. I will lay in my casket with my Addis, my ML ankle sock pattern, and a ball of yarn. My Epitaph will read, "She never made it to the gusset. 'Frogged the sock 100 times."

I am too far behind my classmates to be ready to complete the sock for the next class. I think I will retake the class in Aug. when she offers it. She's probably dreading having me in anymore of her classes. Sorry Christine. You're a great teacher! I'm just a lousy student!



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