Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where are all of the yarn shops???? and other Pittsburgh/PA rants

SO... officially I was in Coraopolis to peek at the local neighborhoods and look for suitable housing. UNofficially, I was scouting out yarn shops. So, I DID happen upon Yarns Unlimited in Sewickley (For all of you NON-Pittsburghers, like myself, I was told it is pronounced 'swickly.'). I didn't get to go in because as it turns out, Sewickley is a bustling little town and I could not find parking. It wasn't until later that I figured out that there must have been alleyways to parking lots that I did not at first glance notice.

I did not venture to the Pittsburgh yarn shops (maybe next trip), but did head up to Cranberry Twp. in Butler Co. Are there NO yarn shops in Butler? I mean, they have the usual chains, Michaels, JoAnns.. but I did not find any local yarn shops. If there are some, please post a comment here!! I must say that I fell in love with Cranberry Twp.!! It's so cute. There are so many shops, but it has a small town feel. I think I shall make this my home. (Even with previous mention of lack of yarn shops.)

I must point out that in PA, there are stop lights on poles (like stop signs) just on the side of the road. What the heck is that?? People park in the same direction on both sides of a two way street. And there are stop signs on the side of the road (not even at an insection). Needless to say, I am paranoid to drive anywhere in Pittsburgh now. Head ups Pittsburghers: OHIO IS NOT THIS WAY. It's so much easier to drive in Ohio.

While I was visiting the gorgeous state of PA, my car radio navigation (GM Nav Radio) went berserk and took me on a tour of Pittsburgh. It couldn't find me and told me that I was driving through lakes and that I was in WV. Gotta get a Garmin. Soon. Fortunately, I have SOME sense of direction and knew that I needed to go north and found a northbound artery. Somehow, I got back to my hotel. Thank God for small miracles.

All in all, I think I will love living in PA. It's so beautiful there. The people there are generally friendly. I will have to get used to everything being on a hill, cliff, or in a ravine.. but I think I'll adjust. Just give me the yarn, people!!



  1. Well Knit One is opening a yarn store in Cranberry in August, so you will have yarn close by shortly. Till then come to Squirrel Hill and play.. And no Pittsburgh isn't like Ohio.. Ohio streets run in a grid. Pittsburgh streets do not work like that, and for the record Don't trust mapquest, it sort of forgets streets and you can be verry verry lost..

  2. I know.. I am SO excited!! It will be <5 miles from my apartment!! I PROMISE to make it to Squirrel Hill - Knit One looks terrific!

    I have got to become a better driver in PA. In Ohio, you can just drive (mindlessly). In PA, you really have to pay attention. So watch out PA: I'll be on the roads!! Keep your children indoors. Hee-hee!


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