Saturday, June 21, 2008

Podcasts and Audiobooks are the stuff of Heaven

Again, I am not techno-savvy - but I am trying. I have decided rather than to be a passive knitter, I'd jump right in. Beginning with Ravelry! I joined some groups and started posting on forums. That's how I discovered some TERRIFIC blogs, podcasts, and vodcasts. (This also lead to my discovery of audiobooks!) I am so hooked on knitting podcasts. Especially, Y-Knit, She-Knits, and CRL. Today, I listened to the hysterical Y-Knit podcast: Hot for Harlot. If podcasts were yarn, Y-Knit would be Qiviut! I also downloaded Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off and listened to it all morning (she narrates the audiobook) whilst scrubbing dishes and washing teeny finger prints off of my walls. -Sorry it wasn't more glamorous than that Stephanie - I would have like to say that I listened to your glorious audiobook while lying on a long stretch of white beach being fanned by bronzed, muscular gods who had a keen appreciation for my Rubenesque figure and Addi Turbos...

(Wait, did I just actually say that outloud?) All I can say is AWESOME! I found out alot about my knitting personality. (For those of you familiar with her book, I am a process knitter who does, infact, take up permanent residence in The Land of Knitting.) Since there is absolutely no hope of The Harlot finding her way to my kitchen, listening to her audiobook was the next best thing. The Harlot's literary adventure really spoke to me. I bought a copy and sent it to my knitting teacher and all-things-needlearts guru, Linda. It is so true about how non-knitters perceive us: as annoying dorks who obsess way too much about sticks and yarn. My husband even compares us to a cult. He says he doesn't understand why we all seek fellowship in the pursuit of all things fuzzy and he feels that there must be tainted kool-aid at all of the sit n knits. Tainted kool-aid. At sit n knits? PUHLEASE! We drink tea.

In other news.. I completed the Cryptic Message Dishcloth KAL (it was a 6 day KAL)from the Rachel's Knitting Room Yahoo group. I think it says: BCR8VE or be creative.. I took a pic, but you can't really tell from the pic what it looks like. But I'll post it just the same:



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