Monday, June 9, 2008


Okay, so I have to totally rave about the Sex and the City movie!! No worries, I won't give away any tidbits.. but WOW!! Loved it! Unfortunately, other than a few scarves that I didn't get a good look at, there weren't many knitwear items to steal patterns from.. Bummer. If only Vivienne Westwood had created a knitwear wedding gown for the film.. Dare to dream, dumplings... Dare to dream.

I did take the kidlets to see a movie the whole family could see: Kung Fu Panda. It was cute. Again, no knitwear inspirations to speak of in this flick. I think SATC was a little closer.

Driving the clan to Pittsburgh tomorrow to puruse neighborhoods and peek at the locals. I hope to find some place for us to live. It's going to be real hard to duplicate Wooster in NW PA.. but something tells me that we will like wherever we live.

Of course, I will HAVE to check out the local fiber community. I mean how irresponsible would it be to go to a big city and NOT check out their yarn shops?! ;P



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