Thursday, June 19, 2008

OMG - Lovin' the Adagio Tea!!

Every time I knit, I have the urge to sip tea. Well lately I have been very interested in the health benefits of tea (especially green teas and white teas). And like with knitting, I am a tea novice. Sure, I partake in the ever-so-elegant Lipton tea bags. Sometimes, I even drink tea from Starbucks.. But I thought I would branch out and try loose tea and all it has to offer.

I came across Adagio teas. I ordered this neat teapot called, 'ingenuiTEA.' It holds 16 oz. of tea. (You can get one that holds 32 oz. as well.) It is the coolest thing. I know alot of tea snobs will be turning their noses up at Adagio and this handy little device. To them I say: Pfhuh! You take this plastic contraption and add 16 oz. of water. You can microwave the water right in the cup. (Their loose tea containers tell you exactly how hot the water should be for that particular tea and how long that tea should be steeped.) I chose to make Masala Chai today (a freebie the company threw in my order). It said that the water needed to be 212 degrees and that the tea should steep for 5 minutes. So I heated the water until boiling and then placed 2 tsp of the loose tea directly in this device/teapot. (NO filters!!) Then after 5 minutes (or you can steep to taste), I placed this entire device ON TOP of my tea cup. The mechanism in it disbursed the tea (downward) into the cup while automatically filtering out the loose tea. So the loose tea stays in the teapot. This is GREAT for people who just make tea for themselves, like me! No one else I know loves to have tea when they are at my house.

I ordered the green tea sampler.. not too pricey at $14 for 6 (sampler sized- I think each is a 2 oz. container) canisters of loose tea plus this teapot for only $33. They also threw in a sampler canister of the Masala Chai (a really good, spicy black tea) for me to try (FREE). On the back of their packing slip, it explains how to make tea (for novices like myself). Plus, they gave me a $5 gift certificate to give to any friend I wanted. (I gave it to my dear friend, Charlotte, who is studying hard away from home all summer!!) AND you get points for every dollar you spend. When you've spent $100, you get a $10 gift certificate. They aren't THAT pricey. And it IS pretty good tea. (IMHO)

You can purchase their tea in almost any flavor or type of tea and sized container (2oz canister - 16 oz. bag). Check it out! I'm going to go sip some tea right now!! I mean really, what could be better than a cup of really good tea and a pair of Addis? Seriously.


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  1. ok now I want to get some of this tea so this week I'm going to place my order LOL! oh and that is for the starter set.


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