Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!!

I have been CRAZY busy trying to get things DONE!!! I first had to wrap up my class for the year (medical assisting instructor). I needed to get the students through the end and get them off into the workforce! Then I needed to get things ready in our house because we are relocating to Pittsburgh!! OY! So I have been sifting through what seems like endless mounds of what can only be described as 'crap' trying to decide what goes and what stays.. In all of this mess, I realized that I haven't picked up the needles in 3 or so months (FOREVER)..

So I went out on a little retail therapy trip to my NEW fave local yarn shop, Calla Lily, in Wooster! Uhhh... can you say total yarn crush?! I absolutely love this little shop! I've only been in there once really.. and I got to meet the owner (Donna) and an employee (Becky - sorry if this title is wrong). They were so amazingly awesome (They sent home some yarn for my Asperger's Syndrome son who knits! What sweeties!!), it makes me sad to move to the big city of Pittsburgh. I hope I can find a local yarn shop out there that has the same hometown feel: friendly, accessible, and fun! (No I don't get paid to advertise for Calla Lily! Hee-Hee) But seriously, it's the type of place that I could envision Stephanie Pearl-McPhee dropping in on. It seems as though it wouldn't be hard to find local yarn shops with terrific owners and staff.. but I spoke with a yarn shop owner recently ('bout 40 miles from my home) and she was more rude than the day is long! I was so turned off by her persona that I refuse to go to her shop! I mean how can anyone be unhappy around that much yarn?! ;P

So after I bought some beautiful skeins of Rowan Tapestry for a summer weight shawl (yes, I know what you're all saying: KPG, didn't you say you wouldn't start more projects? Cut me some slack, it's yarn therapy!), I rushed it home and played with some different stitches and needle sizes to determine how I want to design this shawl. 'Still haven't decided.. but playing is so much fun! I think being away from my yarn and needles has made me even fonder of knitting (is that possible?). Hey, if I have to join Weight Watchers and give up Twinkies, than the smallest compensation should be that I get to knit all I want. After all, Rowan is fat free. So why not?!

Meanwhile, like any true yarn addict, yarn is strewn about my entire house. Unfortunately, my hubby has given me the daunting task of PACKING it all away. We're going to be in temp housing (could be up to 8 months or more) and all of my precious babies (skeins and needles) are going to be locked up in a storage facility somewhere... Oh well. I am taking an emergency bag of various knitting projects so that I don't completely go bonkers. I mean really.. DH can't expect me to live without my yarn and needles. Dear God that would be unnecessary torture!

To the ladies of 'Calla Lily': I hope you read this!! I hope your store really takes off! You have such a little gem there. You're all so nice and friendly. I hope to visit the store soon.. (Maybe get in a sit n knit!!)



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