Sunday, March 9, 2008

Shoveling Out

Dh is out plowing neighbor's driveways; the kiddos have just finished their hot lunches (yes, I actually cooked); the blizzard has passed us; and the kids are bundling up to go sledding.. What does all of this mean? Time {dare I say it} alone to knit! Now, I have about a bazillion UFOs/WIPs to choose from. But I am still bound and determined to learn to crochet this weekend!!!! (I also have work for school to do - but priorities, priorities..) I am going to whip out my crochet video (The Art of Knitting 2 and Crochet) and try, try again.. I may not be as enthusiastic after trying for a couple of hours, but I am determined to learn to crochet!


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  1. My mother in law made this one for us. I loooove it. I use it the most.


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