Friday, March 14, 2008

Just say "No"

Okay - I am sure that I am not the only knitter addicted to knitting... As my DH says, "it's like heroin for you." And like anyone addicted to something they love, I have tried to hook someone else. A business acquaintance was telling me how she needs a hobby. I told her all about the joys of knitting and she was so enthused by the end of our conversation, that she was going to pick up supplies ASAP!!!

My husband expresses his deepest sympathies to her husband. Quoting Nancy Reagan, he tells everyone I talk to about knitting,"Just say no." :P He doesn't understand why I would spend hours with fuzzy yarn and pointy sticks creating something I intend to give away. (I rarely keep my own knitted objects. It seems I usually knit with someone else in mind.) He has so much to learn!!

Yes, yarn is my drug... knitting is my therapy. I certainly do not knit to make money. I knit because it feels good and my gifts make others feel good too. (And it keeps me from eating entire chocolate cakes.. hee-hee) Time to get my knit fix!!


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  1. I bet that not many people in the world knit for money! I'm finding it an expensive hobby. Maybe if I knitted from my stash more... lol.


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