Saturday, February 2, 2008

Flu and other Bothers

Okay, I've had one hell of a week. School was stressful all week. My son didn't want to go to his school. Then, we had a snow day on Friday. (More work for me to figure out how to make up with my students..) To top it off, I have some kind of flu bug and I feel crummy. The only positives this week have been my 2008 New Year's Swap package coming in the mail and being laid up in bed with the flu (more knitting time for me).

Eccie got me some really nice yarns: Rowan Tapestry, Pattons Classic Wool Merino, and Caron Simply Soft Shadows. She also included some really cute stitch markers, incense, and some Bath and Body Works brown sugar and fig lotion!!

This was my first swap and I hope my swap partner liked everything I got her. It is so hard to know what to put in a swap package. After this swap, I think I'll have a better idea.

In other news.. no one in my family understands why I knit. Apparently they think it is an eccentric hobby for old ladies. The fact that I knit is a novelty to them. DH is purely annoyed by my knitting. I think he may be a bit jealous that I spend time on something that doesn't involve him. Oh well. As Pooh would say.. Oh bother.



  1. Greetings from another Wayne Countian! My family also didn't understand my fondness for creative arts. I did cross stitch samplers and my mother accused me of not knowing my alphabet. She was teasing, but I did not find it funny. I admire your determination to learn new skills. I am trying to knit lace at present -- the cashmere Estonian lace scarf from the current issue of Piecework magazine. I have frogged it about 6 times now! Your Baby Blocks blanket looks lovely! Pigpen in Doylestown.

  2. OMG - you are knitting lace!! I haven't had the guts to try lace yet. Everyone says that you have to be extremely patient and have time to pay attention to your work. I don't exactly have oodles of time!

    It's so nice to hear from another Wayne Co person! You should come to our Stitch Divas meetups at the Wayne County Public Library. We meet the 3rd Monday of every month currently. Once we get more members, maybe we'll meet somewhere else or at two different locations... Check out my meetup button at the bottom of the blog!


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